Arta Polimer

Arta Polimer produces a wide range of cast stretch films for different applications and machine types. Our films are made from virgin polyethylene and the highest quality raw materials on an advanced film casting line made in the USA for extreme strength and ductility. We have 12 years of extensive film experience. Specializing in the production of stretch film and other products. More than 5 years in the field of export, production and sales integration services. We manufacture products according to your wishes and look forward to your suggestions.

Focused on 3 Priorities

Our goal is to provide our customers with differentiated, high quality and desired products through our 3 global companies, scientific and technical knowledge and talented employees. Everyone at Arta Polimer is focused on 3 priorities - Innovation, Performance, Trust


We invest in excellence in science and technology to develop and launch a range of new products that meet our customers' needs.


We strive for industry-leading growth by effectively investing in our business, developing our people and delivering flawless results.


We are a responsible company committed to leveraging our science and technology to meet healthcare needs and make our products a modern employer.

Machine Roll Stretch Film

Machine Roll Stretch Film

Super Power / Power Film 180% to 300% Elongation

Hand Roll Stretch Film

Hand Roll Stretch Film

Standard Film 150% to 180% Elongation


Based on the spirit of the company——"quality first, customer foremost, prompt delivery and reasonable price", we will cooperate with the vast number of new and old customers all over the world with reliable product quality and satisfactory service co

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