Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Arta Polimer company is dedicated to ensure: Customer satisfaction with the manufacturing of Quality Stretch Film products. Constant development in manufacturing processes and products. Total participation and connection with customers, suppliers and employees. Supply the requirements of our Quality Management System certified on ISO 9001 level.

The most important features of our (Q.H.S.E) philosophy are highly skilled production teams, strong technical support and highest level of standards. We depend on visual inspection-process during production, constant bench-marking to provide higher quality levels, organized process control, disciplined test protocols of relevant product properties; personal development to ensure current know-how in our processes.

Arta Polimer employees reach customer satisfaction by:
Meeting the specified needs and requirements of the customer. To fullfill all our commitments at any time, on time. Establishing a mutual advantageous relationship with suppliers. To be aware that quality is the responsibility of every individual..

The essential keys for the health and safety of our employees are the effective safety procedures and implementation of safety at work.

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